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We've Teamed Up With Action22!

Action22 is a non-partisan membership driven organization which serves as a voice and leader for action on public policy for 22 Southern Colorado counties. They focus on how issues relating to legislation, intersect for the economic health of our region. They specifically work on government affairs, rural economic development, healthcare, education, and agriculture/natural resources.

Consumer Confidence Report

We are pleased to present to you this year’s water quality report.  Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.  Please contact GREG COLTER at 719-742-3149; 719-890-8797; 719-890-0700 with any questions or for public participation opportunities that may affect water quality.

Water Treatment Plant

The remodeling of our water treatment plant has been completed.  We continue to work with CDPHE to maintain compliance. In the near future we will be starting modification to the water collection system located on Greenhorn Creek west of the town.

New Trustees

We are pleased to announce to The Town of Rye residents that we now have a complete board of trustees consisting of the mayor and 6 trustees.  The board consists of Marty Rahl as mayor, Levi Burnal, Sandra Steele, Sheila Henderson, Markus Buck, Patrick Ryan, and Larry Sisk as trustees. We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings. Town of Rye citizens can sign up to give a 5 minute presentation with concerns, questions, or comments at the beginning of the meeting.   Please see the meeting schedule on this page.  Your input is valuable in helping us keep our community healthy.